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Trade Agreements

Roche Diabetes Care, Inc.

Distribution Agreements Overview
Authorized Distributor/Wholesaler
In order to be recognized as an “Authorized Distributor” by Roche Diabetes Care, Inc. all trade partners must execute , and meet some minimum requirements. The Diabetes Care, Inc. stipulates the business relationship and parameters under which Roche Diagnostics Corporation and our trade partners will operate, and covers the following areas:

Define business relationship with distributors

  • Specifies obligations of both parties
  • Defines basics such as:
    • Freight
    • Payment Terms
    • Product handling and storage
    • Other business "basics"

Stipulates financial arrangement and distributor business model

  • Defines system and processes for payment
  • EDI transactions - speed and efficiencies
  • Validation of transactions

Regulatory assurances for both parties

  • Quality procedures in place - process and system controls
  • Complaint handling
  • Notices

Roche on communication role

  • "Official Notice"

Representative of commitment to long-term relationship

  • Eliminate for multiple discussions regarding terms and conditions
  • Standardize processes and procedures
  • Clear understanding of business relationship and expectations
  • execution of additional arguments between parties